Driving a P1 at Goodwood FOS

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Ollie Marriage hoons a hypercar up the hill with Jay Kay’s green LaFerrari in hot pursuit.

If I’m honest I was a bit blasé about driving the McLaren P1 up the Goodwood hill. And if there’s one thing you shouldn’t be with a McLaren P1, it’s blasé. If anything should trigger the caution alarms in your head, it’s 903 hybrid horsepower on a narrow strip of cambered tarmac in front of an estimated 60,000 people.

The thing is, I spent a week with a P1 less than a month ago for our Speed Week magazine issue (on sale now from all respectable retailers!), so thought I knew the P1, thought I was familiar with the speed it’s capable of generating. Wrong.

Luckily for me, the car jarred me back to reality a handful of seconds after we left the line. Oh yes, it’s FAST. Realisation took a few seconds to arrive because that’s how long it took to establish full traction. Sitting in the car with McLaren test driver Gareth Howell, we’d had a conversation about smokey vs launchy getaways. We’d settled on launchy – more suited to the car. Cold tyres and a start line that seems to have been newly coated in a thin film of hairgel this year meant otherwise. We got smoky and launchy all at the same time and when that settled down and the FAST revelation occurred to me, I was at the first corner.