Damage Free Auto Towing Services

Damage Free Auto Towing Services

Safely towing another truck
Safely towing another truck

At Madrid Towing Services, damage free transportation of your vehicle is important to us. When you trust us with your vehicle, our towing company will work with you to ensure that we give you damage-free transportation to preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

How Damage-Free Auto Towing Works

Our commitment to damage-free auto towing allows us to safely and carefully transport your vehicle to your destination. To ensure we transport your vehicle safely, we follow this process:

  1. Carefully assess your needs and the condition of your car.
  2. Cautiously link our unit to the frame of your car.
  3. Safely lift your car, truck or motorcycle onto our flatbed truck or wheel-lift truck for transportation.
  4. Properly secure your vehicle once it has been loaded onto one of our flatbed tow trucks.

Call 505-248-1825 for 24-hour towing in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding area.

We’ll Treat your Car Like Our Own!

Our towing services are a reliable and affordable way to transport your vehicle – damage free – safely to your destination. Contact us for more information on our damage-free towing.

Affordable Towing Services in Albuquerque

We know that you need affordable towing services that can safely deliver your vehicle to its destination. Our dependable services include recovery, transportation and emergency response.  Contact us today for a friendly, affordable towing service.

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