Madrid Moves Boats… 24×7…

Is your Vehicle underpowered? Ours are not… we deliver boats!


Little Boats to really Big Boats… Madrid Moves Boats… 24×7…

Madrid Moves Boats… and can handle up to 10 ton loads…

You’ll want your Boat handled with the best equipment — back on the water as soon as possible… Madrid Towing makes it happen!

Madrid Moves Boats… 24×7…  Delivery Service


With flatbed and/or wheel lift tow trucks, we are a full-service auto wrecker service able to respond to almost every request. When you need a wrecker tow truck in Albuquerque, the professional team at Madrid Towing Services is ready willing and able to be there for you in your time of need!

Licensed Auto Wrecker and Madrid Moves Boats Delivery Service

As a State of New Mexico licensed professional auto wrecker / truck towing service, we have kept our license in good standing since we started towing in 1997.

We’ve done this in order to maintain the high level of trust that we have earned over the years.
What we are NOT, is an unlicensed individual that bought a truck, working illegally from his or her driveway.

Call 505-248-1825 for 24 hour towing or roadside service in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

We’ll Treat Your Boat Like it was our Own!

Our experienced drivers go through complete training in order to provide you with our guaranteed damage-free towing. All of our drivers will work with you, explaining our process —  showing you how the equipment works. Our company goal is to always earn your trust, exceeding expectations every time we respond to any call.

Contact Madrid Towing Services for Emergency Boat – Trailer Rescue Service

In an accident or emergency roadside service situation, you can always contact Madrid Boat Towing Services for prompt, reliable service at an affordable rate.

Madrid is always on-call.

We respond quickly with help in your time of need—24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s film crew came into Albuquerque, in order to work with Madrid Bail Bonds.

They would not risk their own reputation with a fly-by-night Towing Operator or Bail Bondsman!