Towing Expert: Do’s and Don’ts in Towing and Trucking Business

Here is a driver check list of do’s and don’ts from Towing Expert Gerald Madrid.

Here are the basic things that you need to follow:
a. Do conduct regular checks on your towing trucks and equipment. Every time you tow, check if every part is functioning properly.
Check the following:
  • Trailer lights
  • The brakes
  • Turn signals
  • Break away switch connections
  • Towing chains
  • The whole trailer
  • Make sure that you subject your towing vehicles to regular inspections of the State Department of Modern Vehicles.
b. Do drive with added caution. When driving a tow truck, you should bear in mind that the truck is not the only vehicle that you are driving. Instead, you are pulling the vehicle that you are towing. As such, you should take into consideration that the weight and size of the towed vehicle will affect your speed, acceleration, and braking distance.

Do’s and Don’ts in Towing and Trucking Business in Albuquerque, NM.

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